Saturday, November 24, 2007

Monk's Wine Lounge features our rice

Our newest favorite restaurant in Chico will be featuring our rice on December 4 for their monthly winemakers dinner. Chef Richie is a master with risotto, so check it out! Here's the menu:

MONK’S Wine Lounge and Bistro
128 W. 2nd St. Chico, CA 95928. (530) 343-3408

Winemaker Dinner: Tuesday December 4, 2007
(and the 1st Tuesday of every month at Monk’s)
Tonight featuring: Robert Hall Winery
Reservations Recommended
The below prices do not include tax or gratuity

Four Courses with Artisan breads and Arbequina olive oil $35
*You may order any dish a’ la carte at the below prices. The full dinner is not mandatory.
1/3 glass of four Robert Hall wines paired with each course $12
*Additional pours are also available from the wine list including more Robert Hall selections

Hors D’oeuvre $12 Wine selection: Viognier
Miller’s kamut flour, porcini, kale, toasted Coy Farm almond and brie crêpe with chive oil

Small Bowl of Soup, or Small Salad $7 Wine selection: Chardonnay
Tomato Bisque with crispy Massa brown rice and two sesames
Arugala tossed in Linda’s cranberry dressing with toasted pine nuts, a farewell
to 2007 Coy Farm pears and Pedrozo Family Dairy Black Butte Reserve cheese

Choice of Main Course $17 Wine selection: Meritage
Massa brown rice risotto with porcini, spinach, walnuts, ginger and soy glaze butter
Grilled Rocky chicken breast and roasted market vegetables over rigatoni carbonara
Grilled natural/finest quality New York steak from Chico State Farm
with potato, parsnip and Castello triple-cream Danish blue gratin, and Bordeaux glaze

Dessert $4 Wine selection: Port
Petit warm Tin Roof Bakery chocolate mousse brownie, eggnog crème anglaise,
toasted Coy Farm almonds and tangerines that Kevin and I picked this morning

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