Friday, June 20, 2008

Wheat Harvest

Note (7-3-2008): I actually posted this a week ago, but after several people told me it was really geeky I took it down. Now they've convinced me to put it back up. It's still geeky, but if you haven't ever been on a combine before, you might find it interesting. --Greg

We harvested what remained of the wheat yesterday, and I shot the following video. YouTube reduced the video quality quite a bit when I uploaded it, but you can still see everything. Check it out!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Feeling Lucky

First, we're ok, and the house is ok. We were very lucky today. Some burning debris blew off of a truck going down the highway near our house. It ignited the grass on the edge of the road, and 40 mph winds blew the fire into our wheat field. The fire burned about 20 acres of wheat in just a few minutes. It mostly burned itself out when it hit the rice field next to the house, though it continued down the highway and started to burn up the driveway. We also had a spot fire break out next to the house from flying embers. Luckily we had four guys here working on the addition to our house and they were able to wet everything down and protect the house until the fire crews arrived. Raquel was here with four of our five kids and had to evacuate to get out of the intense smoke. I arrived just as she was leaving, but there was little I could do at that point except make sure that the house and tractors were safe. Fire engines from seven local fire departments showed up and put out what remained of the fire, and then spent several hours mopping up and making sure that the fire was really out.

About half of our wheat crop is gone, and the electrical panels for two irrigation pumps burned up. But we are all just fine, and very grateful for that.