Friday, June 20, 2008

Wheat Harvest

Note (7-3-2008): I actually posted this a week ago, but after several people told me it was really geeky I took it down. Now they've convinced me to put it back up. It's still geeky, but if you haven't ever been on a combine before, you might find it interesting. --Greg

We harvested what remained of the wheat yesterday, and I shot the following video. YouTube reduced the video quality quite a bit when I uploaded it, but you can still see everything. Check it out!


Tricia said...

You had me smiling here... mushrooms, huh, who would've known?

Anonymous said...

Oh my Heck! I had to check in to get a Massa fix and found myself just giggling away! You are almost as silly as these folks around here where I'm visiting! See ya soon!

Rafael said...

thanks for posting. not geeky at all.