Friday, November 21, 2008


A few months ago, a parent at our kids' school asked for help in putting together a shipping container full of relief supplies to send to Ethiopia. His friend operates an orphanage there, and described the situation as very dire. Food is in short supply, and the kids have nothing at all. Many people in our community stepped up and donated all sorts of things, from soccer balls to food, diapers to school supplies. (See a description of the project here. That's our rice and wheat on those pallets).

Two weeks ago, one of my close friends (a fellow farmer) had a hemorrhagic stroke while visiting San Diego. His situation was also dire. His paralysis is now easing, and he appears able to understand speech, though he can't talk himself. He was moved out of the ICU this week, and hopes to be able to move to a rehab facility closer to home soon.

This week, I'll be giving Thanks for life, health, family and food.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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