Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Win a Gift Box!!

Win one of our rice/almond gift boxes! We're having a slogan contest--comment here or on our Facebook page with your most creative, funny idea for selling rice at a farmers market. How would you get customers to approach our market stand? We'll pick our favorites and send gift boxes to the top three entries--a $25 value! Photos of your sign ideas welcome! Good Luck!


Melissa & Joel said...

Rice is nice, buy it twice!
Comes in white, comes in brown, bringing organic rice to your town!

(I found you through Four Plus Four Equals Ten. And I read a lot of Dr. Seuss :) )

Sophia said...

I know this is an old contest but slogans are fun:

- Try our rice! And you'll be happy that you put a lid on it.

- When it comes to brown rice, we're always talking bowl.

- Try our brown rice. It's half the San Francisco Treat.

- Got Rice?

- Try our all organic, free-range, happy rice.