Sunday, July 6, 2008

We're in the LA Times!

Today's LA Times has a very nice story about us titled, "Spreading their ideals organically." The story covers our strawbale home, farming philosophy, and our foster care work. Unfortunately, the photos that appeared in the paper didn't make it to the online edition, but you can read the story on the Times website:,0,4577023.story

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Ian said...

Hi there,

Firstly congratulations on the LA Times piece - fascinating.

I actually come to you via another route.

You were recommended by Mandy at the Dairy Princess Diaries and you can find a post about her and her recommendations at

I'm a big fan of farm blogs and I have been frustrated by the lack of a single place to go to for farm blogs, not just from one country, but from around the world.

Hence, I've recently started a blog called

The idea is very simple: I ask farm/rural bloggers who have been recommended by other farm or rural bloggers to recommend their favourite farm blogs. I then link them to my blog roll, and write to them and ask them to do the same thing - that is to say to write to me with their favourite farm blogs. (I also post important stories on world agriculture. Or at least ones I spot and find interesting.)

I've linked therefore your blog to and if you'd like to send me an email to info AT ianwalthew DOT com with a few words about your blog, and about your favourite farm blogs, then it would be very much appreciated. (If you can link to, so much the better!).

I should make a couple of things clear:

Firstly, it is not my intention to sell advertising on this blog, or take your content - simply steer people in the direction of farm blogs I find interesting, which means that...

Secondly, I am really trying to identify farm blogs that are primarily about farming/rural life (as oppossed to blogs written by people who may live on farms, but the subject of which isn't primarily about farming).

Very much hoping to hear from you,

With kind regards,