Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kids on the tractor

I've had our younger kids on the tractor with me a couple times over the last few days, and it never fails to make them sleepy. The kids are always excited to go on the tractor with me, but soon realize that we just go around and around the field, and the scenery never changes. Usually I can get an hour or two out of them. I took these photos with my cell phone. The first photo is Mit, our 5 year old, and the second is Mason and Lily, our 3 year olds.


grandma said...

what happens when the farmer gets sleepy???

Greg said...

Usually I don't get sleepy, but occasionally I do. If it gets bad, I'll just stop the tractor and sleep for five minutes, which usually takes care of it. My dad has told me stories about falling asleep on the combine at night and ending up in places he didn't want to be!